Monday, June 9, 2008

Lonely Hillary Supporter at MyBarackObama

7/11 I am aware my posts on MyBarackObama are contradictory, depending upon my experience that particular day. I am still working out my relationship with long-term Obama supporters. Sometimes I just want to run away. Other times, my bruising experiences make me more determined to stay to do what I can to help Hillary supporters and Obama supporters understand one another.

Like, Obama's website offers many groups that you are welcome to join. Once you join a group, you receive any email written by a member. The Obama campaign obviously has not thought through how to handle former Hillary supporters read to heed Hillary's exhortation to "work their hearts out for Obama." Many Hillary supporters are hurting badly, but are loyal Democrats determined to defeat McCain.

These Obama groups have been safe places for over a year for supporters to enthuse about their candidate and hate Hillary. I joined my local group and had the pleasure of reading that anyone who doesn't find Hillary nutcrackers hilariously funny obviously has no sense of humor and needs to get a life.

Obviously most groups are better than that, but the lonely, lost Hillary supporter has no way of knowing what groups are toxic swamps of abuse. Some posters seem more determined to prevent Hillary from getting the vice presidential nomination than to defeat McCain.

Ultimately Democrats have to decide whether you would rather destroy the Clintons or elect McCain.
Hillary pointed out that there have been ten presidential elections in the last 40 years and the Democrats have only won three of them. Why on earth do Democrats still need to attack the only two-term Democratic president in my lifetime of 62 years? The Republicans are never idiotic enough to disown Reagan. Hell, McCain doesn't have the sense to disown Bush.

Democrats lose elections because they seem much more determined to destroying one another than to destroy Republicans. If Democrats hated Bush as much as they seem to hate the Clintons, countless lives would have been saved in Iraq.

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