Monday, June 9, 2008

Democrats and the Media

On a local Obama group, a women assured me that Michelle Obama wouldn't be attacked because she was so sweet, intelligent, and lovely, nothing like Hillary. Too many Hillary haters seem to think she deserved all the vicious misogynistic hurled at her, that she brought them on. Feminist bloggers keep
trying to explain that a lot of the hatred directed at Hillary was directed at every strong, intelligent, assertive women. I had many interesting talks with much older women who have experienced
these kind of attacks all their working lives including one 80-year-old aunt. My Aunt Mary strongly
identified with Hillary and told me many stories of being passed over for promotion to a job given to a younger, less qualified man. When you bash Hillary, you bash these women. In her speech Hillary said that young women need to listen to, and learn from the struggles of their mothers and grandmothers.

Some Hillary supporters feel so battered and abused that they feel that voting for Obama would be like returning to an abusive husband. I am not defending that; feelings cannot be denied. These
women are not talking about Obama himself, butt the media, and far too many Obama supporters, particularly young bloggers. Saying only the media is a copout. Howard Dean seems to have just noticed that the media attacks on Hillary resembled middle schoolers. Welcome to Planet Earth, Howard. Women are furious that the DNC didn't speak out against media abuse.We have a real

I think it is imperative that Obama support a strong feminist platform. I am beginning to think he probably should choose Sibelius as his running mate.

Hillary has been viciously bashed since Clinton first started campaigning for the White House. Many of you are possibly too young to remember. I strongly recommend the blog, The Daily Howler.
Bob Somerby tirelessly documents how the media has savaged the Democrats since 1992. His archives go back to 1998 so you can remember or learn what happened to Gore and Kerry. I just learned yesterday that Somerby was Gore's Harvard college roommate.

Another invaluable resource is Media Matters. which tirelessly fact checks media coverage of the election. Make no mistake about it. The media is our enemy. During the primary campaign MSNBC was worse than FOX. I used to respect Keith Olbermann for his courageous attacks against Bush. But he was an attack dog against Hillary. Chris Matthews seems to base his career on sexism.

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